【For general companies and organizations】 Telemedicine utilization support services

Doctors Station
We integrate full-scale online medical services combined with different healthcare services into a platform for patients. We provide digital healthcare services for patients as a system that can be more easily adopted.

Platform for building telemedicine service
Structure of Doctors Station®

The Doctors Station® platform can collectively provide digital healthcare services to the parties that need medical support online, such as companies, medical institutions, and municipalities. Unlike conventional health consultation or telemedicine systems, Doctors Station® provides a telemedicine support service that corresponds to all clinical departments and supports patients comprehensively through team medicine by physicians. The entire flow from initial consultation to the medical interview, triage, and medical treatment (online and in-person) is implemented online as if it were provided in a general hospital. Since it is also possible to combine digital healthcare services corresponding to different tests and treatments, full-scale medical service can be provided online. It is possible to provide all healthcare services quickly and at low cost through Doctors Station® as the platform for telemedicine.

Company, Municipality, Medical institution