Digitalize medical care rooted in the medical front based on the perspectives of clinicians working together as a team.

Doctors established its own network of physicians and specialists who want to reform the medical field. By having physicians participate in our project as Expert Doctors, we provide services that appropriately reflect the voices from the frontline of those in contact with patients.

More than 700 clinicians participate in the project as Expert Doctors and support the promotion of medical DX.

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    Continuous cooperation
    with specialists in each field

    Doctors established its own network of physicians by setting guidelines and standards in cooperation with medical practitioners rather than by registration as a mere formality. This means that specialists in each field, who desire transformation of the medical industry and the promotion of digital healthcare, can participate in projects in a continuous and appropriate manner, which allows Doctors to receive their support.

    Application by physicians

    Expert Doctors

    • are on active duty
      with clinical experience,


    • are positive about
      new digital technologies,


    • can work collaboratively
      to develop projects, and


    • belong on the medical frontlines.


    Expert Doctors

    • Doctors

    • DX Platform

    • Doctors

    • Doctors

    • Medical

    Join us at Doctors for medical DX transformation.

    Connect with like-minded medical doctors and add value as a future-oriented medical professional by participating in the development, implementation, and demonstration of digital healthcare services, as well as online medical support.

    Apply here.

    Five features of Expert Doctors

    • 1
      Can work online. Make a new playing field for yourself.
    • 2
      Can do cutting-edge work online.
    • 3
      Can contribute to society as an online medical doctor.
    • 4
      Can participate in demonstrations. Can take the opportunity to publish papers.
    • 5
      Can connect with like-minded medical doctors.


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