Services to support the building of the medical DX business

DX Platform
To help companies participate in the medical DX business, we will provide support to build and operate a unique platform according to the requirement of each company while utilizing the DX services of Doctors.

Structure of Medical DX Platform to support
the building of the digital healthcare business

We take advantage of numerous medical DX services, technologies, and expertise of Doctors, including Doctors Station®, our online medical platform, as well as the security related to medical data, the sales and distribution system, and the communication system, by which we support companies in building large-scale medical DX services.

Contact us if you have any of the following issues.

  • We want to develop a medical DX application.

  • We want to build a development base for digital healthcare services.

  • We do not have enough development resources for medical DX services.

  • We want to build a development environment compliant with two guidelines by three ministries.

  • We are looking for a platform for medical data management.


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