With the power of doctors
working on the medical front and digital technology,
Doctors will achieve a new medical platform,
become the starting point for advancing the medical industry,
and transform medical care in this country into hope.


Solve the issues confronting healthcare services

We provide a one-stop support service for healthcare from development to logistics to utilization.

Development support


To companies concerned about business development and improvement

A medical DX consultant will provide comprehensive support for the planning, design, and development of business as well as clinical trials together with doctors from the most appropriate department and specialty (Expert Doctor®)

Distribution support


To companies concerned about promotion

Doctors comprehensively supports the sales and marketing of healthcare services through the use of its own Web system that allows companies to directly approach doctors and medical institutions.

Utilization support

Deliver to patients

Providing a specialized healthcare platform

Doctors provides comprehensive support for the provision, construction, and design of the systems necessary to provide healthcare services, as well as operational human resources specialized in DX for medical institutions.

Full-fledged support from active doctors

Our platform supports all people and
companies involved in medical and health care

Together with Expert Doctor, who are clinicians on the medical frontlines sharing the same goal,
we will support the digitalization of medical care and healthcare through the Doctors network and
technology to realize a future where medical care is distributed equally.

Digitalize medical care
rooted on the medical frontlines
based on the perspective of clinicians
who work together as a team.

Doctors established its own network of physicians and specialists who want to reform medical care.
By having physicians participate in our project as Expert Doctors, we provide services that
appropriately reflect the voices from the frontlines in contact with patients.

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TEL: +81-3-6263-8871 (from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays)